Location: Washington, pacific coast
Features: city

Seattle is one of my most favorite cities of the states. Beautifuly located at the Puget Sound with Mt. Rainier as a fantastic background, it's really an awesome sight. You get a nice view of the skyline from the ferry from Bainbridge Island to Seattle.


A good place to stay in Seattle is the YMCA in Downtown. Usually, I'm not a big fan of the YMCA's, but this one really has nice and clean rooms for a reasonable price. Maybe we were just lucky to get one of the better rooms, however, we also checked out the Green Tortoise House...I would really not recommend to go there, unless you're an absolute fan of 'alternative living' like in the 70's.

Mt. Rainier
on the Monorail to the Space Needle

What to do in Seattle? Well, first attraction is probably the fish market. It's not only a simple market, but also has lots of smaller shops built into the ground, leading the whole way down from the market to the sea. So you can either take the steep road down to the ocean or walk your way through the shops of the fish market. The end point will be the Waterfront Park with the Seattle Aquarium, which is actually not a must see. It's quite nice, but has no real big attraction. Same thing for the China International District, which can not be compared to the one in San Francisco
You better use the time to ride the Monorail to the Seattle Center with the Space Needle being the biggest attraction. Although the entrance fee is quite high, it's certainly worth to take the lift up to the top to have a nice view of the city.
A nice place to go for the night is Pioneer Square, the so called Old town of Seattle. It has a lot of little pubs and restaurants and they usually play some live music there. We found it to have a relaxing atmosphere and good blues music.

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