Mt. Rainier NP

Location: 70 miles south of Seattle, Washington
Features: Mountains, Glaciers

Mount Rainier is by far the highest peak of the area, reaching a height of over 14000 feet (more than 4000 m). Because of that, it has its own unique weather, since this is the first point where clouds can get stucked. So, even if the weather in Seattle is sunny with blue skies, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's the same in the park. Most of the time, the mountain itself is in the clouds, so that you must be very lucky to see it if you only have one or two days.
In our case, we happened to be not that lucky. Although we saw the mountain a couple of days later from Seattle, during our stay in the park there was not the slightest chance. So, a trip to the park is probably only worth during very stable weather periods and then, it must be an awesome sight.
There is a short trail to a point called Panorama Point, from where you're supposed to have the best view of Mount Rainier. Well...needless to say, that this trail makes no sense at all during misty weather...

great panorama, isn't it?
on the trail

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