Location: south coast of Oahu
Features: city

Honolulu, the only major city and capital of Hawaii, is beautifully located at the ocean and in front of Koolau Ridge. It's really a gathering place, especially for tourists from all over the world. Therefore, the beaches close to the city are totally crowded, especially Waikiki Beach. This beach provides a beautiful background with the Diamond Head Crater, but besides that, it's a nightmare for every visitor who expects to find deserted,long, whitesand beaches. Instead, you'll have problems to find a space, the beach is probably not more then 30 yards wide and seperated into segments, belonging to different hotels. So I wouldn't recommend spending your vacation there...a nice place for swimming is Waimea Bay at the north shore. They have a nice park there and it's a favourite spot for windsurfers, so you can expect some action...

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