Location: approximately 15 miles north of Kaunakakai
Features: oceancliffs, peninsula

This viewpoint provides a scenic view of the peninsula and should not be missed. This part of Molokai is not only of natural beauty but it's also a historical place.
When Hawaii came in contact with the western world many diseases were introduced by the foreigners, among them leprosy. In the 1860's the King signed a law that banished people with leprosy to Kalaupapa Peninsula.
A few years later, father Damien, a missionary, arrived and started to make that place a better place to live for the sick. Today, fewer than 100 patients live still there and leprosy can be controled since the 1940's.
There is a trail from the edge down to the Peninsula, but you're required to take a guided tour either by foot or by mule, unless you have an invitation from one of the residents of Kalaupapa. Since I'm not a big fan of guided tours, I saved my money for other things, but if you're interested in the story it might be worth the money. You'll probably also get nice views of the north shore of Molokai.

Kaulapapa Peninsula Overlook
Kalaupapa Peninsula from the overlook

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