Kamakou Preserve

Location: central Molokai
Features: mountains, deep valleys

This is a fantastic drive! I would defenitely recommend a 4wd car, because first it's more fun and second at some spots you'll defenitely need it.
Kamakou Preserve is a rainforest area in the middle of Molokai where over half of Molokai's water supply comes from. It has two fantastic viewpoints over gigantic valleys and the trail goes on a boardwalk directly through the jungle.

boardwalk Kamakou Preserve
on the boardwalk

The dirt road to the Preserve starts off on Hwy 460. When you come from Kaunakakai turn right 3/4 of a mile after the three-mile marker, immediately before a bridge. The paved road ends shortly after the little cementary and turns into the gravel road to the Preserve.
Depending on the conditions the 10-mile drive takes about 45 minutes to the first viewpoint, Waikolu Lookout.

Waikolu Valley Lookout
Waikolu Lookout

An even more stunning view is the one over Pelekunu Valley, deep inside the Preserve. To get there you'll have to hike the Pepeopae Trail, which starts off approximately two and a half mile further down the road. This part of the dirt road is really tricky, so you should only drive on it with a 4x4 and a healthy portion of selfconfidence.
The by far more relaxing way is simply to walk that part. It takes about an hour and it's no big deal at all. You'll eventually come to the 'Pepeopae' sign, which marks the starting point of the trail. 45 minutes later you stand on top of Pelekunu Valley...enjoy the view!

Pelekunu Valley Lookout
Pelekunu Valley

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