Road to Hana

Location: eastcoast of Maui
Features: rugged coastline, lush valleys, waterfalls, rainforest

The drive on the Road to Hana, although only about 45 miles long, makes a good daytrip, because there are lots of short trails to hike. About 50 bridges (most of them one-lane) and over 600 twists and turns along the road will do their best to slow you down.

oceanview at road to hana waterfall, road to hana
oceanviews along the road
one of many waterfalls at the roadside

The most beautiful part of the drive on Road to Hana is the one from Hana to the Oheo Gulch, an area with natural pools and a big waterfall.
In that area, there is also a 2-mile trail to Waimoku Falls. It's a very nice trail, which goes along the stream and through thick bamboo groves. It's kind of weird in that groves, because it sounds really strange there...

Waimoku Falls
Waimoku Falls

If you like adventures and powerful waterfalls, I have a nice trail for you. It's not on the maps, but I accidently stumbled upon that waterfall on a webpage of some guys who offer guided tours to that waterfall. Luckily for me, they also revealed the starting point, which is the small village of Nahiku, approximately 10 miles before you get to Hana. There is a steep road going down to that village. Shortly before you see the ocean, there is a small, muddy opening in the woods on the left side of the road. I bet those two old wrecks of what used to be a car are still hanging out there. The trail starts right at that point. After a couple of yards you should come to a small creek which you have to cross. After that, always follow the trail until you get to a fork. Continue on the trail which goes off to the right and 45 minutes later, after a fairly steep and slippery downhill, you're down at a stream. To your right the open ocean, to your left the beginning of a huge gulch. If you wanna see the falls, follow the river upstream. We had to cross it like a dozen times, maybe you find a better way. Anyway...45 minutes should do it to the falls, which, I think, belong to the most beautiful in Hawaii. They are fed by a spring, so even if it didn't rain, they are still powerful and the gulch as a background makes it even more beautiful.

waterfall at nahiku
the waterfall close to Nahiku

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