Nualolo Cliff Trail

Location: Kokee State Park, 15 miles north of Waimea
Features: views of Na Pali Coast

Nu'alolo Valley
This is a great trail! It provides views of Na Pali coast and Nu'alolo Valley as if you were flying a helicopter. It's quite strenous and long (about 11 miles), so it's a good dayhike, although you should start early.
Nu'alolo Trail, which starts near Koke'e Lodge, brings you to the ocean, Awa-'awapuhi Trail brings you back and the most spectacular part, Nu'alolo Cliffs Trail, links the two. When you get off Awa-'awapuhi trail you still have to walk about 1.5 miles back to your car on a small dirtroad.
The first lookout, after 4 miles hike, provides an excellent view of Na Pali coast to the east and a first look into Nu'alolo Valley. The next part of the trail always goes along the back of the valley until you get to Awa-'awapuhi lookout, the most spectacular point on the way. If you're not afraight of heights, you should go on that small trail towards the ocean, which brings you to the end of a narrow ridge, where you have a birdlike view of the valley and the ocean. It's fantastic there...

Na Pali Coast from the first lookout
along the back of Nu'alolo Valley

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