Na Pali Coast

Location: northshore, at the end of road 560
Features: oceancliffs, valleys, waterfalls

on the trail
This 11-mile hike is probably the most popular hike of Hawaii and therefore also heavily used. You need to have a permit to go the whole way, which is kind of hard to get, unless you booked at least half a year in advance. Of course, we didn't happen to have a permit, but for the first 3 miles, until you get to Hanakapi'ai Beach, they don't require a permit and that part is already pretty. It makes a good one hour trip (one way) to the beach and you'll get great views of the cliffs. That part of the trail is unfortunately also the most crowded, best thing is to start early...

Hanakapi'ai Valley

Once you're at the beach, you should consider a hike into Hanakapi'ai Valley to Hanakapi'ai Falls. It's 4 miles roundtrip and a pretty muddy trail through lush vegetation, along the stream. The falls at the end are pretty nice and there is even a small pool in front of it, where you can take a refreshing bath.
Hanakapi'ai Falls

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