South Coast

Location: at the end of chain of craters road, south of Volcano NP
Features: Lavaflow

20 miles south of Volcano NP is the end of the chain of craters road, which starts at the park. This is the place, where the lava plunges into the ocean and produces a huge steam cloud. It's also the place where you might be able to see active lavaflow...if you're lucky and there was an eruption recently.

Chain of Craters Road
first view of the big steam cloud

But most of the lava flows under the ground in lavatubes, so probably the best way to see flowing lava is by helipcopter through openings in the ceiling of the lavatubes.

Chain of Craters Road

If that's not an option for you, another great thing to do is to walk on the lavafields, most of them younger than you are, and try to get as close to the big steam cloud as possible. We made it as close as a 150 yards, then we figured it was to dangerous to continue. But even from that point you sometimes see pieces of liquid lava exploding when the oceanwaves crash onto it. It's really impressive to stand right in front of that huge cloud and to hear the roaring sound it makes...

Chain of Craters Road
hitch-hiking at the old road...

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