Pololu Valley

Location: northshore, at the end of road 270
Features: ocean cliffs, rugged valleys, beach

Thanks to the guys who broke into our car, I'm not able to present any pictures of Pololu Valley, which I think belongs to the most beautiful spots of the whole island...except for the weather, which usually sucks. That means: rain all the time. A sunny day there must be like winning the lottery.
Anyway...there is a trail down into the first valley, which is pretty muddy and slippery and heavily used by horseback riders...so bring good shoes! About 20 minutes later you're on the black sand beach at the bottom of Pololu Valley. That's already a stunning view, but if you really wanna see a spectacular valley, continue on that trail for another half an hour. Be careful NOT to follow the trail into the valley but always stay close to the shore. After a steep and muddy climb you're on top of the ridge with a fantastic view into Honokane Nui Valley. If you feel like, you can even continue to the other valleys...

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