Location: atlantic coast of Georgia
Features: City, beach

Savannah belongs to one of the oldest cities of the states. It has a beautiful old district, which is arranged around so called town squares, green places connecting the main streets. A walk through the old town of Savannah to the river front is defenitely a must. At the visitor center they'll give you a good map which includes a suggestion on the best route through the town.

me at one of the townsquares

Only a few miles east of Savannah is Tybee Island, featuring a long sandbeach at the atlantic coast. Although it tends to get really crowded on weekends, you'll always find an area with less people if you go further away from the peer.
It's a nice place to do watersports, go wimming or simply take a sunbath. You can rent boogy boards and surfboards at the beach or at the stores on the mainstreet. The waves can get quite high (up to 4 feet), so it's really fun to surf them with a boogy board.
During the calmer winterseason, when there are less people, they are supposed to be dolphins at the beach. Personally I didn't see any, but a friend of mine told me so. So if you're lucky, you might spot some (preferably early in the morning).

Tybee Island
Tybee Island

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