Caesars Head SP

Middle Saluda River

Location: 25 miles north of Greenville, South Carolina
Features: Mountains, waterfall

This is the free version of Chimney Rock. Beautifully located at the border of North and South Carolina, Caesars Head State Park provides spectacular views over the mountains. The closeby Raven Cliff Falls is one of the most scenic in the whole southeast. The short trail to the falls starts at a small parking lot on road 276, just at the border to South Carolina.
Just a couple of miles further south, then already in the state of South Carolina, there is a small road going off the highway, which leads to Middle Saluda River. This is a very peaceful and idyllic place to have a picknick. So bring your lunch and enjoy the fresh air at the river.

Raven Cliff Falls Middle Saluda River
Raven Cliff Falls
Middle Saluda River

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