Cap Noir

Location: 20 km east of Le Port
Features: viewpoint into Cirque de Mafate

view from Cap Noir into Cirque de Mafate (click to enlarge)

A very beautiful view into Cirque de Mafate along the river valley of the Riviere des Galets can be seen from a point called Cap Noir. Roughly 3 km after you passed Dos-d'Ane on road D1 you'll reach a large parking lot. Park your car there and take the 30-minute trail to the viewpoint. After a couple of steps you bascially have two options: if you go to the right you'll see the panorama shown above, the left fork should bring you to another more elevated viewpoint (we didn't check that though). It should also be possible to make a roundtrip including both viewpoints (about 5-6 km).

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