Utladalen / Vettisfossen

Location: northeast of Ovre Ardal, Ardalsfjorden
Features: valley, waterfall

my father, trying to kill himself

Vettisfossen is supposed to be the highest fall (275m) of norway, concerning the absolute free drop (without cascades). This alone is a good reason to hike there, what makes the hike even more attractive is the valley Utladalen which provides a beautiful background. It is also called "Valley of the thousand waterfalls" since small streams are cascading down the steep and green walls of the valley.
The hike starts at the end of the road to Hjelle and remains relatively flat for the most parts except for some where you have to traverse boulder fields. Once you see Vettisfossen (after appr. 2 hours) you can actually trie to cross the stream and get closer to the fall. However, it's absolutely not worth it since the spray of the fall blocks the sight and is not really a pleasant feeling. Besides, to cross the river you have to use a ladder (see picture above) which I personally didn't trust. Actually, not even a person we met there who worked in the factory which produces this very kind of latters wanted to use it...only my father was crazy enough to cross the river (twice). Fortunately, he survived...

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