Kjerag / Preikestolen

Location: Lysefjorden, between Oanes and Lysebotn
Features: cliffs

view from Kiragg into the fjord Kiraggbotn + crazy father and sister

This is as good as it can get! If you are not afraid of heights, Kjerag is a defenitive must! You'll get a birds eye view of the fjord, stand on Kjeragbotn with 1000 meters of just air below your feet and might even see basejumpers jumping off the cliffs.
The hike is actually not that easy. Lasting roughly 3 hours (one way) it's a permanent up and down along the ridge of the fjord. There are at least 2 big ascents and a couple of smaller ones on the trail. But once you're at the end you'll forget about this...beautiful views into the fjord complete a spectacular scenery. If you go a little further you'll come to Kjeragbotn, a huge stone trapped in between two sheer walls. One can actually step onto that stone which gives a fantastic photo, provided you have the guts to take the step...
Kjerag is also the point where crazy people use the 1000 meter drop to perform some basejumping action. It's really an awesome sight to see these people jump off the cliff trying to open the parachute as shortly as possible before they crash onto the water. Some are as long as 12 seconds in the air...
There is also a hike to Preikestolen, another viewing platform at the other end of the fjord. The hike itself is not as strenous as the hike to Kjerag but still not easy (takes about 2 hours one way). However, this trail is absolutely overcrowded during the peak season and I would therefore not recommend it. Unfortunately, I can't even tell if the view is worth the hike because when we were there, lots of clouds stucked at the fjord walls so there was no view at all.

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