Location: Kinsarvik at Sorfjorden
Features: mountains, waterfalls

1st waterfall: Tveitafossen
2nd waterfall: Nyastolfossen

The westside of Hardangervidda drops quite rapidely from roughly 1000 m altitude to sea level. Several streams and big rivers are fed by the snow covered plateau of the Hardangervidda, creating numerous cascades and waterfalls on its way down to the fjords.
The usual way to see these majestic and powerful waterfalls is to go to Voringsfossen or Latefossen, since they are easily accessible. However, there are also lots of tourists making these spots very crowed. So if you seek loneleyness and solitude but still want to see huge waterfalls, Husedalen is the place to go. In my opinion, the hike through the valley Husedalen along the river Kinso is one of the most beautiful hikes of norway and certainly the most favourite of my trip to norway.

3rd waterfall: Nykkjesoyfossen
4th waterfall: Sotefossen

The trailhead is at the powerplant (follow signs to Hus) but you'll have to park your car roughly 1km before at the parking lot. It's a good advice to stop at the visitor info in Kinsarvik to get some information about the trail and the waterfalls.
The falls in order of appearance:

The hike itself has some quite steep passages at the waterfalls, where you have to overcome the height difference between bottom and top of the falls. It is rather flat on the parts between the falls and makes a good dayhike. Once you're at Sotefossen you can even continue up to the plateau of Hardangervidda, however, this is too much for a dayhike (unless you hike really hard), so pack in your tent and sleeping bag.

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