Location: close to Fidjeland, Sirdal
Features: mountain, waterfalls

my father trying to block the view

A nice mountain region is the area of Rogaland / Vest-Agder west of Stavanger. Although not as spectacular as the areas further north it offers good hiking opportunities, since the terrain is not as steep as others like in Jotunheimen or at the fjords. Once you're out of the valley, altitude ranges in between 900 and 1200 meters above normal with the mountain Hilleknuten being the tallest one (1210 m). We were told that the panorama is great from top of Hilleknuten and therefore decided to hike there. Unfortunately, at that time the weather wasn't great at all and we basically had nothing but fog when we reached the summit but nevertheless, at the lower elevations we had some nice views, mountain meadows and small waterfalls.
The hike itself is rather easy except for the first part where you have to hike a steep slope (used for skiers in winter) uphill until you reach the plateau. From this point on there are only small changes in elevation.

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