Location: 80 km southeast of Alesund
Features: fjord, waterfalls

Geirangerfjord looking towards Geiranger

Geirangerfjord looking to the west

Seven Sisters
Geirangerfjord is said to be the most beautiful fjord of norway and I have to admit...from my point of view that's absolutely right. Deeply cut into the mountains, lush vegetations on both sides of the fjord and lots of beautiful waterfalls provide a spectacular scenery.
When you descend to Geiranger coming from Eidsdalen there is a small roadside parking lot where most people stop to take a photo of the fjord below. However, you'll get even better views to both sides of the fjord by taking the small trail off the parking lot which goes at a constant altitude into the fjord. I actually don't know how far you can hike that trail, we stopped after half an hour with fantastic sights to the east and the west of the fjord.
An absolute must is the ferry trip from Geiranger to Hellesylt or vice versa. You'll get beautiful views from the bottom of the fjord including numerous waterfalls among them the famous "Seven Sisters". Unless it rained a couple of hours ago you'll only see 4 or 5 of the sisters, the others usually sleep...

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