Location: approximately 30 miles northeast of Reykjavik
Features: lava formations, river, waterfall, lake

the usual chaos every morning...
Until the late 18th century, thingvellir was used as a meeting place for all people of iceland. They decided about new laws, celebrated festivals and got married.
So it is more a historical place than one of natural beauty, although you should not miss a hike along the river Almannagja.

The first thing you'll get to when you get out of the bus is the viewpoint from which a nice trail goes down into the gorge to the river.
Keep an eye on the lavawalls on both sides of the trail. With some fantasy you might even see

faces and an old vikingership in the rocks. Only ten minutes later you come to a waterfall where you can continue to the little village of thingvellir.
view from the trail along the river

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