Location: in the west of iceland on the peninsula Snaefellsnes
Features: glacier, waterfall, ocean, views of the peninsula

With a heigth of 1446 meters, this volcano is one of the most impressive landmarks of iceland. Even the writer Jules Vernes used it as the starting point for his novell "Journey to the center of the earth".
To get on top of the Snaefellsjoekull you'll have to cross a glacier, which can get quite dangerous at the end of the trip. We only made it to within a hundred meters of the summit, because until that point you can safely walk in the tracks of the snowmobiles, which move lazy passengers across the glacier.
Olafsvik, to the north of the mountain, is a good starting point for the daytrip to the top. Until you get to the glacier, there is a pretty boring gravel road. If you're lucky you might stop one of the many trucks and cars going to the quarry just below the glacier and hitchhike this part.
Once you are at the bottom of the glacier you can't miss the tracks in the snow and only one hour later you can enjoy the fantastic panorama of the peninsula.
fantastic view from the glacier

Who's the man?
Waterfall at Olafsvik

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