Denali Highway

Location: connection between highways 3 and 4
Features: Mountains

Denali Highway is the official highway no. 8 and connects the two highways 3 (close to Denali NP) and 4 at Paxton. The highway is unpaved for the full length and not well maintained. That means it's a very bumpy road with huge cracks and holes. Your average speed probably won't exceed 20 mph, unless you happen to have a 4x4.

Denali Highway Alaska Range

When we drove the highway it was late september/beginning of october and just one day ago they had the first snow there. It was a fantastic feeling to drive through 4 inches of fresh snow and to see those huge mountains of the Alaska Range completely snowcovered. Shortly before you drive down into the valley to highway no. 3, the scenery is really breathtaking. You'll have a phenomenal view over the valley and to the Alaska Range.

sunrise at Denali Highway the mountains in the morning light

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