Dawson City

Location: 400 miles east of Fairbanks in Yukon Terr.
Features: Gold dredges, Mountains, town

Dawson City in the Yukon Territory in Canada still has the charme of the 'golden' times at the end of the 19th century when thousands of people tried to find their luck in the mountains around the city. Except for the mainstreet, the streets are still unpaved and the houses look as if the goldrush wasn't over. A walk through the city with occasional looks into the saloons is really fun...

in the streets of Dawson City Dawson City at the Yukon River

When you leave Dawson City in the direction of the alaskan border, you'll eventually reach the so called 'Top of the World' highway which goes from the border to Tok in Alaska. The nickname comes from the high elevation of the highway, it feels like you're driving on top of the world with fantastic views over the mountains.

Top of the world highway old gold dredge on the way

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