Carcross Desert

Tagish Lake

Location: 60 miles north of Skagway
Features: Mountains, Lake

On the way to Skagway you'll pass the small village of Carcross. The big attraction there is Carcross Desert. Claimed to be the smallest desert in the world (sign at the parking area) it's actually just a big sandy field. You won't have a sudden temperature increase of 60 degrees so I don't really see that as a desert. But maybe I'm just too stupid to know the real definitions of a desert...

Carcross Desert Tagish lake

Our intension was to go to Skagway and take a ferry to Juneau and back, but the weather sucked big time so we skipped that plan. Instead we went back to Carcross and made a 2-day kayaktour on the Tagish Lake. There is a ranch at the lake where you can rent kayaks for a reasonable price (I honestly don't remember the actual price, but I think it was around 20$ for 2 days). Kayaking is really easy on Tagish Lake but as soon as you get out of that protected area the waves can get pretty high. So if you are a beginner I wouldn't recommend going any furhter than Tagish Lake.
Although only 60 miles away from Skagway, the weather at the lake is much more stable and better than at the southcoast. While it was raining in Skagway we had two nice days on the lake...

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